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A conviction for a criminal charge can result in jail time, fines, and other collateral consequences that can affect you for the rest of your life. Any time an application asks whether you have been convicted of a crime, you must answer “yes.” Similarly, any criminal background check will reveal your record. These things together can prevent you from applying for jobs, finding housing, securing a loan, and much more. 

Just because you have been charged does not mean all hope is lost. A skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney can fight to see your charges lessened or dropped altogether. 

Every moment you put off retaining an attorney for your case, you lose valuable time to build your defense. If you are facing charges, there is no reason wait. At Lucero, PC, we offer free consultations, which makes it easy for you to learn how our experienced firm can help with your case. 

Rights After Arrest

Under state and federal law, you have the right to:

  • Remain silent during an arrest and in any future interactions 
  • A fair and just trial
  • To retain an attorney and communicate with them privately about the details of your case
  • Know your charges and why you are facing them
  • Be free from illegal searches or property seizures
  • Not face excessive bail 

After an arrest, our firm can help you get a fair trial and make your case in court. At Lucero, PC, your rights are at the forefront of everything we do. Our Pomona criminal defense attorney can aggressively protect them during the steps of the legal process and endeavor to rectify any past infringements.

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  • Felony Criminal Threats
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  • Felony resisting arrest, misdemeanor child abuse
  • DUI

The Stages of a Criminal Case


There are many cases where the state investigates suspected criminal activity well before they formally bring charges against you. The investigation process typically involves gathering evidence and conducting interviews. If you know you are under investigation, it can be crucial to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our legal team at Lucero, PC can provide you with counsel that could prevent you from disclosing anything the prosecution could use to strengthen their case. 


If the state finds that they have enough evidence, it will make an arrest. If you have been arrested, you will be taken to jail, where your charges will be filed and where you could have the option post bail and be released. 

The Arraignment

The arraignment is your initial court appearance, during which a judge will:

  • Formally read the charges against you
  • Inform you of your rights as a defendant

You will also submit a plea at the hearing. Whether you plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest will depend on the strategy you develop with your defense attorney. We strongly recommend that you never go without legal representation at your arraignment


The judge might make a decision regarding your bail at the arraignment or in a separate hearing. Typically, judges either set a bail amount, deny bail, or release you without bail. To make this decision, judges consider factors like your criminal record and the circumstances of the case. Judges generally grant bail or release without bail to individuals who they believe will not be a threat to their communities or flight risk. 


In many cases, your defense attorney and the prosecution exchange and gather evidence in a process called “discovery,” which takes place before your trial. During this time, your attorney and the prosecution might file strategic motions to make specific pieces of evidence inadmissible to court. Your attorney could even motion to dismiss the case altogether if they believe there is not enough evidence to convict you. 


There are two types of trials: court and jury. Judges deliver the verdict in court trials, whereas a jury determines a verdict in others. When you retain our criminal defense attorney in Pomona, we will seek the best type of trial for your situation based on what we have seen in our years of experience. Regardless of the type of trial, we will advocate for your story by presenting compelling evidence and strategically countering the prosecution’s arguments. 

Sentencing Hearing

Should a judge or jury deliver a guilty verdict, you will have to appear at a sentencing hearing. Our attorney will continue to advocate for you in this stage and seek a minimal sentence.


In cases where you believe you did not receive the correct verdict, you and your attorney can file a notice of appeal for either misdemeanor or felony charges. These notices do not get you another trial, but they do allow you to present new evidence on your behalf that could lead an appellate court to reconsider the verdict in your case. 

Retaining an attorney at every step of the criminal process is crucial. From the investigation to trial and beyond, our Pomona criminal defense attorney can provide you with counsel to help you avoid pitfalls in your case, while advocating aggressively for you inside and outside of court.

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