What is a Readiness Conference?

What is a Readiness Conference?

A readiness conference is a court hearing prior to trial. The prosecutor and the lawyer for the Defendant appear before a judge and indicate whether or not they are ready for trial. Typically, if a defense lawyer indicates to the judge that they are “not ready” for trial, the case will continue, ie., not go to trial, so long as the Defendant waives his or her speedy trial rights.

What happens if I don't waive my right to a speedy trial?

If the Defendant does not waive speedy trial rights, the Court will have no option but to send the parties to trial.

What does an attorney do to prepare for trial?

To be ready for trial, a defense attorney should have reviewed the police reports, watched all media discovery, and done their own investigation into the alleged incident. Additionally, if the defense requires witness testimony, the attorney should subpoena the necessary witnesses. It is a long and arduous process that requires serious attention to detail.

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