I was arrested for Domestic Violence...now what?

Tensions were high...you and your significant other got into it. The police were called and you were arrested. What does it mean?

THE BAD: California maintains a mandatory arrest policy if the police believe that domestic violence has occurred. In other words, if the cops establish "probable cause" that you committed domestic violence, you will be arrested. Unfortunately, there is not much wiggle room around that.

THE GOOD: Without more, "probable cause" will not suffice for a criminal conviction. Your significant other/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend will need to appear at your criminal trial to testify about the events of the evening and the prosecution will need to convince all of the jurors that you did, in fact, commit domestic violence. It goes without saying that this is no easy feat. Especially when the context of the situation has not yet been provided.

THE BETTER: That's where we come in. Domestic violence cases can have disastrous effect on a person; their professional career, their reputation, and their relationship with their children, can all be compromised. Our office knows how to get in front of these types of situations. Many times, the police simply do not have the story right. If that's the case, you need LUCERO, PC to assist you through the process. If you are arrested for domestic violence, contact us at (619) 880-7004 or chris@luceropc.com to get your version of the event told. It is our honor and privilege to be your voice in court. Don't go it alone.