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Committing fraud involves the use of deception or misrepresentation to gain an unfair advantage over others that results in their harm or loss. Fraud crimes can vary widely but they are mostly committed for financial gain. They are often classified as white collar crimes because they are generally nonviolent offenses that are frequently committed by those in a position of authority, such as accountants, investment counselors, politicians, and the like. Fraud crimes may be committed against individuals, businesses, and the government and can be charged in state or federal court, depending on the circumstances.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for any type of fraud, you could be facing heavy fines, substantial jail or prison time, the loss of your job or professional license, and damage to your future and reputation. It is vital that you retain the services of a competent criminal defense lawyer as early as possible, even at the investigation stage. At Lucero, PC, our Pomona fraud attorneys can ensure that your rights are protected while we get to work conducting our own investigation into the matter to build an effective defense. Our goal is to help you avoid charges, a conviction, or to minimize any consequences.  

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Common Fraud Crimes

Many fraud crimes are prosecuted under theft laws while others have their own penalties outlined under laws specific to them. For example, California has a law defining embezzlement that may be charged as a misdemeanor if the amount embezzled totaled $950 or less and a felony if the amount embezzled totaled more than $950. The penalties for a misdemeanor of this offense involve up to six months in jail while the sentence for felony embezzlement can range up to three years in prison. 

Many fraud crimes may be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the facts of the case and whether you have a prior criminal history. 

Examples of fraud can include:

  • Bank and wire fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Workers’ compensation fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Credit card/debit card fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Welfare fraud
  • Unemployment insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Nursing home fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Investment scams
  • Telemarketing fraud

Federal Fraud Crimes

Fraud charged at the federal level is a very serious matter that can result in harsh penalties. These crimes are often charged for alleged criminal activity that crosses state lines and results in financial harm to large groups of people or harm against government agencies, such as Medicare, the U.S. Postal system, and more. Federal fraud charges may be brought after lengthy investigations by federal agencies such as the FBI, the IRS, and more. 

When facing any federal criminal investigation, or after you have been arrested, it is essential that you bring in defenders who understand the federal criminal justice system and have the necessary experience and proven skills to provide you with a competent and aggressive defense. At Lucero, PC, our team fights hard, no matter the size or complexity of your matter. We provide our clients with the full attention their case requires. 

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